How to create your deadline

So much to do. So little time hey? It can be difficult to cut through all the tasks and get a grip of the one thing that needs your attention right now. Although you may not want a deadline for all your tasks – loading the dishwasher surely doesn’t need a £100 incentive now does it? (And if it does, have a word with yourself please!) Having a deadline can mean the difference between moving ahead in life, and standing still. From tidying out the loft, to taking that new job abroad, our actions shape our future, and we want to see you thrive! Deadlines can make that happen.


In all our time studying deadlines, goals and 192829 (slightly exaggerated, but not much) books on personal development, there are always the ideas and suggestions that make an appearance in various forms. Here is our simple yet effective formula to help you create your very own kick ass deadline!

The beauty is in the detail

Now let's talk about your goal. It is well defined? Is it clear? Will we understand what on earth you mean when you fill in your form? ‘Tidy Loft’ is pretty vague. However “Sort out all the boxes in loft. Take rubbish to the tip. Any sell-able items go on eBay” is much more specific, and therefore, more likely to be achieved.


Be Realistic

Have you got the time to do it? Really? Be realistic in your time scale.
“Create super cool CV in 7 days” is all fine and dandy, however please take a peek at your diary – and make sure you can actually fit this in. We really do want to give you back your money. Honest…..

Attainable. Achievable.
Can you do this? I hope you’re nodding your head ‘Hell Yes!’ but if not, let’s re think it a little and make sure we can make this work. 

Why are you doing this?
Why is achieving this goal so important to you? When you know your reasons why, you are much more likely to accomplish it.

Your goal right now may be life changing

A career change.
A house move.
A health transformation.
A relationship move – to or from someone.
A big decision.
A crossroads.

These are not decisions to be taken lightly. However the fear that embodies these decisions can lead us to do – nothing. Literally, nothing. Well now here you are, reading this and perhaps, just maybe, it is time to stop standing still, doing nothing – and it’s time to give yourself the most dynamic, scary, heart pounding, sexy deadline of your life. So then, click the box below and let's get started! 

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