What we do

If you are sick and tired of being late, not getting stuff done, faffing about, putting things off. If you are King procrastinator & Queen dawdler then read on!


The idea is pretty simple. You need to get stuff done. We want you to get that stuff done. However we realise, from our own experience of being two people who enjoy faffing about, putting things off, scrolling on social media for way too long, and having great intentions that rarely come to fruition, that it isn’t always easy.


So we invite you to answer these two questions:

1) What do you need/want to get done/sorted/finished?

2) What date do you need it to be finished by?


Now knowing these things and doing these things are two very different things aren’t they? So, we asked ourselves what would make us hit our deadlines. And our answer? Money. Yep, money!


Therefore we realised that in order for people to smash their deadlines, move ahead in life and generally get stuff done – they needed an incentive. And a good one at that. A money inventive.


Now don’t be thinking we are going to pay you out of our own pocket for you to get your house cleaned, new business set up, gym session booked, essay written and CV sorted. We are kind, but sadly not that rich!


The incentive will come from your own pocket. Making the deadline even more appealing and desirable! A win-win as you complete your deadline, and get your pennies back. Well, most of them. 

So to answer the question of "what we do" - well simply put, we set you up with a deadline to ensure you achieve your dreams, hit your goals and tick of your to-do list. 

For ideas on how to get the most out of creating your deadline see "Creating Your Deadline


See our FAQ for more info on how this all works, costs, and payment info.


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