New Year, Same Old You??

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Is it really going to be the same year, and the same old you?

How does the thought of ending 2019 in the same way as 2018 ended feel for you?

As all the social media quotes are telling you right now, why not use the start of this new year to be the start of new things. And this time - really mean it!

We all make New Year Resolutions. However if you are honest with yourself, what is the likelihood of even one of your resolutions coming to fruition?

"So what is the answer?" we hear you cry! Well, most goals do not come to pass, for the very simple reason that we lack accountability. You would think the potential of the wonderful outcome of achieving your goal would be enough to ensure complete success right? Sadly, as we all know, this is not the case.

"OK, what have you got in mind then?" you ask! If you set a goal, say to make it to the gym four times a week for the next month, will you stick to it? You have the £40 a month membership, shiny new trainers and water bottle complete with "No pain no gain" quote. That's a good start. However unless you make it through the door of the gym, you may as well sell your trainers on eBay.

"I like my trainers and I don't want to sell them on eBay". Ok, so to make this goal a reality, what we need to add is accountability. Take your gym goal and add £50 of your own money to the table. If you make it four times a week for the next month, that money is back in your pocket! Will £50 get you there? How about £100? £200? Whichever amount gets your head nodding, that there is your incentive to kick some goals into action. Losing the wrong kind of pounds (see what we did there) is all the incentive you need to lose the right kind of pounds (still going with this one).

"I hate the gym, this is a rubbish example!" you say? Yeah, it isn't every ones cup of tea (Hint - watching Netflix while on the Xtrainer make it so much better!) So if it's a room that needs wallpapering, a house that needs to be put on the market. A CV created, job applied for, loft converted, shed tidied out, trip around the world booked, love of you life asked a special question, university applied for, book written, business started, doctor appointment made, music lessons set up...... you get the idea? Whatever, literally ANYTHING that needs to be done, completed, fixed, ticked off, sorted out. Name the price that will get it done. And go and SMASH your goal. No more waiting, putting it off. Do NOT end this year the same as last year.

Life is too precious to keep putting off the things you want, and need to do. The simple addition of an incentive to your goal can make a HUGE difference to the goals, dreams and plans you can achieve this year. Plus, when you complete your goal not only will you feel AMAZING having finished your task, but you will also have some cash to go and celebrate with! Pass the prosecco!

We at "I Need a Deadline", complete with our very own "Grim Reaper" gently pushing you along, are here to help you achieve your goals. We long to see as many of you as possible forge ahead in life. From the smallest to the largest dreams. It all matters.

Click the link below, and head on over to our main page to sign up for your very own deadline. This year, it's going to be different.

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