I just can't complete anything. Help!

Avoiding that which needs to be done

Putting off and avoiding those tasks, goals and dreams until "tomorrow" never leads anywhere particularly fulfilling does it? Feelings of failure, annoyance at ourselves for not being able to simply "get on with it" and for having "no willpower" abound.

We constantly feel those jobs looming over us, with irritation that we have not yet started, let alone completed them!

Why do we do it?

And then the question we have to ask is why? Why, when we all know the excited feeling of a job well done, the satisfaction and that great sense of achievement, do we continue to put off, delay and simply not do the things that we want, and need to do?

The answer...

Now this can probably be answered with some self awareness books, a counsellor and perhaps a life coach, however we figure we may have just found a much simpler way to forge ahead in life. And yes that applies to anything from wallpapering a room, to the decision to skydive or quit your job.

So what is the answer? What can I do to ensure I achieve my goals, my dreams and my to-do list?


Create a deadline.

A deadline brings commitment and focus.

A deadline is the difference between saying "I need to do this at some point" (and never doing it) and "I am going to do this by the 30th of this month" (and actually completing it).

Yes it can be scary to finally give a date to the tasks we've been avoiding. However you know what is even more scary? To get to the end of your life, wishing you'd simply set a deadline, and made all of those tasks, jobs, dreams and goals happen.

So what do I do now?

Now this is the fun bit :-) It's easy! This is where we come in. Set a deadline. Set a deadline with us at and watch as you take a turn from simply wishing to do things, to actually getting them done!

It's up to you

You get to chose the value of your deadline, a value (in £'s) that will ensure you complete it! You get to chose the time scale of your deadline. You get to chose the proof you will give that you have completed your deadline.

Then, when you have completed your deadline, you will be rewarded not only with having the joy and satisfaction that comes with completing your deadline, but also the value you set for your deadline will come speeding back to you so you can go and celebrate!

Win win!

We can't wait to have you on board, smashing your goals, winning at life and making this year the best yet.

Andy and Steph


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